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Rank One | PILOTED

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We are offering a RANK ONE Pilot to five classes: Only one spot available on each.

This service needs to be purchased in advance due to the length the service takes and the precautions we need to take. We will be doing a triple pilot with these.


  • Create a new account with the same name and transfer your character to that account ( you can transfer it back to main once season ends)


  • You will receive the Season's 'Crimson Gladiator' Title forever and all lower rewards including;
  • "The Crimson Gladiator's Drake" Mount
  • The Full "Elite A&B" Transmog set, including; the Seasonal Tabard, Special Weapon Illusion 'Seasonal Weapon Enchant', the Prestige Cloak, and all other gear!
  • The Gladiator Title and Achievements
  • As well as all rewards lower ranks!