World of Warcraft self play arena carry from 2100 rating to 2400.

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2100-2400 Rating Arena Carry | 2v2 | PILOTED

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 Elite Rank
(2400 rating) in the 2v2 Arena rewards you with the ability to upgrade your Conquest Gear to the highest level, and unlock "The Elite X" as a title for the duration of the season. You also obtain/
unlock the season Tabard (the last piece of the seasonal appearance set), and of course will have unlocked all the rewards from the lower ranks!

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  • Elite Rank: 2400 Rating in 2v2 Arenas
  • "The Elite (X)" as a Title
  • Unlock the Season Tabard, as well as all previous transmogs including; Prestige Cloak and Special Weapon Illusion 
  • Note: PvP titles are temporary and last only until the end of season. However, each title has a corresponding Feat of Strength achievement which stays forever. All cosmetic rewards such as mounts or transmogs appearances also stay forever.