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0-2400 | RBG's

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The whole World of Warcraft concept is centered around the battle between the two main factions of the game. Horde versus Alliance is the main conflict that can’t be overrated. Every WoW player knows that even though at times factions joined their forces to defeat a greater evil, they have always had that never-ending battle, where one should be better than the other.


  • Elite Rank: 2400 Rating in RBG's
  • "The Elite (X)" as a Title
  • Unlock the Season Tabard, as well as all previous transmogs including; Prestige Cloak and Special Weapon Illusion 
  • Note: PvP titles are temporary and last only until the end of season. However, each title has a corresponding Feat of Strength achievement which stays forever. All cosmetic rewards such as mounts or transmogs appearances also stay forever.